Executive Tech Brief

Client: Intel Security


Executive Tech Brief - NGFWs

When Intel rebranded  McAfee, the CMO wanted to show Intel Security as a thought leader with C-levels. This quick read updated them on the rise of advanced persistent threats and explained how to combat them using next-generation firewalls(NGFWs).

SMB Security

Client: Dell


Animation - UTM firewalls

 So-called explainer videos can be a powerful tool to help prospects move up the "conversation curve." Dell chose this medium to educate and motivate SMBs to think about the potential damage of today's threats and how to avoid them.

Video Testimonial

Client: Cisco WebEx


Success Video - Cisco TelePresence

The key to a great video is a great interview. At KPF, an architecture firm in Manhattan, the nervous PR person cautioned us not to bother the founder. Guess who was dying to tell his story?  Eugene Kohn makes the perfect frame for this well-received testimonial about Cisco Telepresence.

Content Samples

12 Days of Digital



Executive Blog - Technology Trends

Busy CIOs complain that they can't keep up with technology developments. We worked with VMware to identify emerging technologies and summarize the key issue for a quick, compelling read.  What kinds of topics?  Blockchains, virtual/augmented reality, Internet of Things, digital labor -
12 posts in all.

Counter Fraud Defenses

Client: IBM


White Paper - Counter Fraud

Fraud investigators have traditionally been a separate group from network security, but the shifting nature of fradulent attacks is making them bedfellows.  IBM offers a solution tailored to the needs of both.

10th Anniversary Video

Client: Fortinet


Internal Communications - Fortinet

Every company reaches milestones, which can and should be celebrated internally to motivate and reward those who helped accomplish them.  Here's how Fortinet's executive staff decided to acknowledge 10 eventful years in business.

Seamless Security for Small Businesses

Client: Dell Security


Infographic - SMB Security

Selling technology to SMBs is challenging  because they tend to be really busy and often don't have technical backgrounds. Dell uses infographics as an ice-breaker to get the conversation rolling and drive SMB prospects to a microsite with more information.

Success Story

Client: Palo Alto Networks


Case Study - Palo Alto Networks

CBI Health Group is all about wellness and that extends to the network.  Palo Alto Networks helped secure their patient information and eliminate successful ransomware attacks.  Other case studies from Palo Alto Networks:

Nexum (Security VAR)

SunRice (Retail)

Perez-Llorca (Legal)

Navigating DevOps

Client: New Relic


E-Book - DevOps primer

Developing an e-book requires the ability to structure information in digestable chunks and keep the reader's attention with crisp, informative content.  Three years later, this New Relic piece is still one of the top references on DevOps technology.

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